Bicycle rack

The guy that’s looking for a receiver is also looking for a bicycle rack. Supposedly there’s a bike rack that clamps onto the spare tire instead of using the receiver. Either way, I told him I’d post here to see if anyone is selling one.

I have a reciever rack, not for sale, but I highly recomend one. The strap on’s can fail, causing your bikes to fly away. :wink:

Wow! A flying bike like on the movie E.T. LOL Seriously though, thanks for the info because from what I was told, this guy (my cousin) bought a very expensive bike! I’ll relay the message.

imagine getting a bike with rack coming at you on 95? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

At least you’d be able to see the bike coming at you :open_mouth: i dont think that guy saw that broken leaf spring tho :question: i bet that must of been scary :astonished:

Good to know. I was thinking of getting a bike to get my fat a$$ in gear, and I already have a strap on rack in my parent’s garage somewhere. If I use it, I’ll probably try to find a way to reinforce it.

I was just doing a little spring cleaning and it turns out I have one of those bike racks that clamps on to a spare tire. Rhode Gear is the brand. Its a little dusty but other than that in great shape. If he’s still in need then $25 cash takes it away.

Paul, I don’t know if he’s still looking for a bike rack, but I seen this one on craigslist. It bolts to the spare tire and holds 2 bikes. $50

Here’s another that mounts over the spare:

I think he bought the one that Eric had.

No, I talked with him about it but he did not buy. Its one of those racks that straps on to the tire and he was not comfortable hanging his $1000+ bike from it. I would not be comfortable either. The bolt-on unit like the first link above is a better way to go.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable hanging my $1300 Iron Horse bike from one of those either…lol. I take the wheel off and fit it inside the exploder. :blush: