Benefit Dinner - Roger Blank and Family

Macaroni & Meatball Supper
Saturday, May 2nd 2009 4 - 7 pm
Fire Station #3
3 Vernon St.
Warren, RI 02885

Donation $7 per person

Tickets are available by calling Roger at 401-261-0005, his parents at 401-253-5481, or at the door.

This is for Roger Blank and his wife & kids, who recently had a fire in thier apartment building and lost all thier stuff. They are all fine, but need to replace their belongings. For those who don’t know Roger, he has been an active member of the NEA for years! Besides, its macaroni & meatballs!


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Thanks for posting this here Jay, hopefully we will get a great turnout!

Anyone who is interested in helping Roger and his family, please read his thread on Summit Crawlers.

Will this be a group event? We’re down for it!!! :wink:


I am definitely going, if people want, we can stage at my house for 3:30 and go over as a group. I’m only 15-20 minutes from the fire station.
I’ll start a list in the first post.

This is open to anyone who wishes to help out…Let’s show some support!

In my calendar.

i should be able to do this

It is a possibility for us too - We would love to go, I just have to double check my work schedule. Thanks for posting this… I feel so horrible for him and his family.

I’ll know my schedule better early in the week before the event. Lots of family occasions in late-April/early-May so I’m not sure if anything is planned for that Sat yet.

Sorry folks…my bad.

I have the NEA meeting that day on the Cape, so I will be coming down from there directly after. I’ll leave the list up, but someone else can determine a meeting spot if the rest of the club decides to caravan over.

Been helping out a friend that got ill i’ll have to wait till we get a bit closer to that date and see how things are going

Sorry. We have to take our name off the list. We will be up in Gloucester, MA that weekend (family committment).

Bumpin this…

I’ve got a class on Saturday until 4 (I think). If I get out in time I’ll head over.

That’s the same day as the NEA meeting, I knew you mentioned going…see you at the dinner perhaps.

Yeah, sorry about that Jay - I found out yesterday that I’ve got a class I need to attend on Friday / Saturday.

No biggy, I got it covered. :wink:

For anyone who can’t make it but wish to help: (taken from Summit Crawlers Forum)

So, here’s an update for people on a few different areas.

  1. There are still plenty of tickets available for the pasta dinner next Saturday night. You can pay at the door, but please at least call my dad and let him know you’re coming so we can make sure we have enough food.

  2. The benefit account will be set up by the end of the weekend. Checks can be made out to the Roger Blank Jr Family fund. Donations can be mailed to either:

Roger Blank Jr Family Fund
c/o Theresa Blank
119 Mulberry Rd.
Bristol, RI 02809
Phone: 401-253-5481


Roger Blank Jr Family Fund
c/o Sovereign Bank
1146 Hope St
Bristol, RI 02809
Phone: 401-253-5350

Not gonna be able to make this one. sorry