Benefit dinner, plus for Tad and his Family … eq=&c=&ch=


We could use a few volunteers for serving and clean. We also plan on having a large raffle table.

I will be serving and cleaning. Anyone else?

Im in to help out anyway possible.

According the Jay the venue owner gave us the great deal of $4 a place based on a minimum attendance of 80 people.

I will be on a camping trip in Northern Maine that weekend but will donate two tickets that can be raffled off at the camp-n-wheel or something like that.

I can’t make it but like Eric will donate two tickets to be raffled off.

Should I purchase two tickets or just give a donation?


tickets at the door? or before hand? I’d like 2

You can pay at the door

cant do both…sorry… so I went ahead and made a donation

That’s great, thank you

I’ll be there as soon as I can after work. :slight_smile:

Hold on that. I’ll have to check in. With the owner…they may need a head count prior in order to prepare properly for food

i would say to prepay if you can but we will need to expect a number of people paying at the door as well

you can use this link to prepay

ok, 2 tickets bought :wink:

Cody and I bought tickets. I will make 2 raffle baskets. I’m thinking a girly basket (makeup, nail polish, maybe a Lia Sophia piece) and some other basket

Good idea Melissa! I will donate a margarita basket.

i’ll ask Krissie to put together a boys and a girl basket for the kids

I will make a donation for the raffle…but have nothing particular in mind. if anyone needs anything to put their arrangements together please let me know as I will grab it for you

I have a donation for the raffle as well.
The Providence Bruins are going to send me a voucher for 4 flex tickets for the raffle as well as a voucher for 4 flex tickets for Tad and his family.