Ball Joints

Wondering if anyone with a bit more experience would be willing to help me replace some ball joints? I replaced the bad wheel bearing from gtd and it just got worse, the drivers side tire has a visible wobble, the brakes pulsate through the pedal, steering feels loose, and if your looking at it straight on it has negative camber. Any help or suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance

I have not had the pleasure of replacing a ball joint on a jeep but when the one on my SUV was going I didn’t have any of the symptoms you are having… Have you jacked up the front end and check for a lose or warped component? Based on what you described it sounds like a bad wheel bearing but you said you just replaced it…??

The key to success is having the correct ball joint press. Chris has mine. I will be working on my jeep this weekend. Do not cheap out on the ball joints. Moog at a minimum. For a bit more go with Synergy Suspension.

i have a ball joint press you can use. i have a little ball joint experience… :unamused: i unfortunately will not be around this weekend.

Ok would someone with a bit more experience be willing to help me diagnose the problem? I’m going to lift the front up and try to figure it out tonight.

I should be home after 6 or so. Call/text me first.

The camber angle would seem to point to ball joints . . . . or a bent axle.

the inside dimension of the inner C’s should be 7 5/8". if thats fine its probably ball joints. lift the front up and shake it around you’ll know if something is wrong.