Ball Joints are shot....

and apparently the bearings too… that was the weird sound coming from the front wheel.

Hoping Jeff at Crown can hook us up.

Hoping to get it done before Gretchens, otherwise we will be tenting it.

Is it getting worse? Should still be driveable for quite a while unless they are literally ready to fall apart. We did the ball joints on Mike T’s JK a few months ago and it went well. Easy to swap out the bearings as part of that job. The only tricky part was trying not to break the ABS sensor.

i’ve never worked on a JK but i’m willing to help out with the repairs

Let me know when and I’ll dig the press out.

I guess the wheel/tire is all over the place, but Mike is still driving it.
Jeff at Crown ordered the parts for me so I should have everything shortly. If anyone is around next week and can give us a hand, we would appreciate it. If not we will just call the mechanic for the labor.

Next weekend as in the weekend of the Gretchen’s? Regardless I’ll be around and I have the tool

i can swing by once you have everything. should be able to get it all done in a couple of hours.

we could take care of it at the camp site. Just like how ryan put his sliders on at swanzy.

Bill did his ball joints at Swanzey last year . . . :laughing:

:laughing: :smiling_imp:

Hopefully picking up the parts on Monday… Jeff and Derick, are you around on Tues or Wednesday? We can go to your place since we have zero tools…

i can swing by after work since i’m already up there. just let me know when your all set with parts and i’ll bring my tools with me to work

I gotta pick the kids up from camp but I will check with the boss as to what is going on after

Your onvacation this week aren’t you?


we got the parts today. Any time you can help will be appreciated.

Derick, we got your rubber isolators too… Jeff said he will talk to you about them later.

Maybe we can do the job at Gretchens. . . pretend we are fixing trail carnage. . .

need to do both ball joints and bearings… will there be enough daylight there? I hate to monopolize anyone’s time while we are up there… I hate asking for help to begin with!!!

Its not that hard with the right tools. The ball joint press in particular. The tricky part is the abs sensors which are integral to the unit bearings. They are susceptable to breakage when you remove them.

awesome thanks. is Wednesday good for you guys. i will swing by as soon as i can squeeze out of work 3:30-4? worse case we do one side wends and the other side thurs.

sounds like a plan… If we have to work on Thursday Mike has golf but will be back around 6:30. i will do what I can to help though. Do you have the ball joint press?