Ball joint press?

Does anybody have a ball joint press with the Jeep axle adapters? My axle build continues to progress and now its time to start re-assembling. Some of the local auto parts places have them for rent but none of them appear to have the correct adapters (or even know that they exist). The axle build has gone so far over budget that I am tempted to buy one but if somebody has one to lend then please let me know.

On a related note, I was thinking it might be useful to start a thread where we can list some of the specialized tools we have. For example when my fan clutch went I had to spend $30 on a fan clutch removal tool that apparently only works for Grand Cherokees and some Ford pick-ups. If there is interest then I’ll go ahead and get the thread started. -Eric

I have the ball joint press for jeep & dodge trucks.

it might be useful but it’s tough, you never know it’s a special tool till you have to go out and buy one. i used to have a tool bag with all sorts of 30 sockets and such but someone took it…

if you own it already then you know its a specialty tool. i think that is a great idea though.

Hmmmm. Reading the responses so far I don’t think the idea came through clearly. The point is that if somebody needs a specialty tool (like a ball joint press or welder or something like that) instead of buying one you can just check the forum and see if somebody else already has one you can use. Make more sense now?

it came through to me. i just dont have much to offer in that department. i do have a compression tester, coolant pressure tester and fuel pressure tester. axle sockets for fords. brake caliper spreader for rear discs(the type that need to be turned in). thats all i can think of off the top of my head