Bad shaking

4 cyl 98 wrangler standard:
Looked to a few forums online. Talked to a few people. Still trying to get some ideas on what to look for.

I am get a shaking while trying to get going. It doesn’t only happen in 1st gear, the same will happen in second. The faster i let off the clutch, the faster the shaking goes away. When it starts shaking, its a very rough and noticeable shake. When i get going, the ride is pretty smooth but i can feel a tiny shake from below and the clutch pedal shakes a little as well.

So far, others have suggested bad motor mounts, bad transmission mounts, bad universals in the rear diff, dirt in the clutch, or dirt in the flywheel. The motor mounts are fine, the transmission mount looks good, all 4 bolts are on tight, rear universals look fine to me. I’m out in Bristol for college so pulling the transmission back to check the flywheel isn’t a choice right now… Any thoughts on what this could be???

Okay they are partially right on the bad issues. The u-joints would clank than rattle. As to inspecting the Transmission there is a inspection hole near the bottom of the transmission. I would suggest finding that and looking with a light at the fly wheel. You should be able to spin the tranny in neutral. Does your jeep hop to one side at a crawl speed? I would check for bubbles in your wheels also. A broken tire would cause a list of shakes and rattles.

I’ll check the transmission tomorrow. I can’t really move at crawl speed cause thats when its shaking bad and almost wants to stall. Theirs neutral and like 10 mph, anything between that cause shaking while in gear.

If you get yourself on a hill, take the tranny out of gear and roll down to 10mph or so. Shaking?

now do the same with the TC in Neutral. Shaking?

I’ll try that tomorrow too but i was rollin around in neutral today at good speeds, no shaking really

stock drive shaft or CV?


Sounds exactly like clutch chatter? Replace it!

i just put in a new clutch and fly wheel…

can I meet you some where to look at it. I dose sound like its in the trans/ clutch

Did you replace throwout bearing and pilot bushing at the same time?

I’m in bristol if you’re close by.

New clutch went in about early summer. New fly wheel and throw out bearing went in late august. No new pilot bushing

I would never replace clutch without also replacing (or resurfacing) flywheel at the same time. Ditto for the pressure plate. You did replaced the pressure plate, right?

make a short video of the problem that will help me out. your a 50min drive away

Replaced the pressure plate as well. There is also a new pilot bushing in. forgot about that

Checked the inspection hole and there were some black fibers sitting in there right at the hole so looks like its a problem with the clutch…

Hope it don’t look like this! :mrgreen:

Bad part is if there is black fibers than it is starting to look that way

whats making it do that?