Axles on CL

Found these axles for sale on CL. Probably this is Derick’s friend:

Sounds like a good deal for an XJ guy (hint, hint: jonnyb). Just throw in an Aussie and you are good to go.

sounds like him. but 300 for a new rear sounds like a good deal. i dont know what spline count the axles are but the disk conversion alone is worth a couple bucks.

i am bringing mine to the bodyshop today to see how much its gunna cost to fix the frame. then to the tranny shop. if its less than i think im all over that. but i think i might be in the market 4 a new jeep

ouch… good luck. i’d say if its anymore than a grand just get a new jeep. with whatever engine troubles you were having plus the frame and tranny… you’d have less head aches. but then you have to start all over.

[size=200] :open_mouth: [/size]

I knew it was bad when you landed. Did you hear my reaction on the video?

Fix it or new Jeep; either way I’d say the lesson is to get lockers!!! With lockers you could have walked over that rock without the banging.

i suppose it happens when you hammer off an obstacle

well the good news is that i put lucas stuff in the tranny and it stopped leaking. tom im getting a new cross member from jeeps unlimited. comanchee chuck works over there and seems to think it can be straightened so hopefully i will be back in buisness pretty soon. sye is getting ordered and that stupid t-case drop is going bye bye. im also thinking its bout time for a hd xmember. gears and lockers will have to wait a little longer