AX15 wanted

Looking for a good working 5spd tranny to put in my 97 Wrangler. Currently have no reverse and it’s a P.I.T.A. !!

Or if anyone knows someone who can rebuild mine for a good price or put a new one in for a good price please let me know. I have about $800-1000$ to play with
Thanks in advance

Mike 4018370515

Did you try jeeps unlimited? Should only be a couple bolts to replace it.

First time I called they said 250$ for the tranny then labor. Second time I called they said 550$ for the tranny plus labor. Plus I haven’t heard too many good things about them… Bad parts, not sticking to their warranties etc

The price depends on who you talk to. $250 was a steal. $550 is low dollar from a junkyard.

They treat us like royalty. Glenn bought an engine that went bad 6 months later and they gave him another one. I doubt you could find any other parts yard that would do that.

Calling Kelsey . . .

Yes if you call there ask for Kelsey or contact him (Upcountry) on the forum. I am good friends with Ray the owner they are very stand up on there warranties . Does it pop out of revere? Do you have a body lift?

I have one with a good clutch and fly wheel. but the trans need syncros. I just pulled it out today. if your interested pm me.

As Eric said, I had great luck with them. I have worked with both Ray and Kelsey and they have always been good to me. When I blew up my first motor they delivered one that same day and they didn’t even know me. Then six months later when that one went bad Ray replaced it for free. I wasn’t even asking for a replacement in fact I was telling him that I needed to buy another one from them.

That’s customer service.

No body lift. My reverse worked for about a year with a clicking noise while backing up but now it engages then makes alot of noise and doesnt drive in reverse at all. Im guessing a chipped tooth. Not sure if I’m better off (cost-wise) having someone rebuild/fix it or just swap in a working one

After hearing everyone on heres thoughts about jeeps unlimited I feel better about going down there. Most likely going to talk to them tomorrow morning. Thanks!

kid that answers the phone doesnt know much. If he told you $250 plus labor he might have thought you were talking 4cyl…hes not to bright and most of the time ray and i are running around doing a ton of other stuff so we dont get to talk on the phone much…ill find out what we can do for you tomorrow. We are always happy to help members of osj.

mike are you happy with the new transmission? i changed the clutch with a newer one while i was in there. Hope eerything is working smoothly.

Guys a moron lol id rather deal with you or ray

I don’t call I walk in and deal with Ray or call Kelsey directly to get things done. I did get a surprising phone call, last week, from a girl in the office asking if everything I purchased was okay.