I hqave an AW4 sitting in my garage still has torque converter. broken np231 attached to the back of it no cpu for it or electronics interested throw me a pm. BO gets it

what year/model is the 249 from (assuming the aw4 is the 249)

It should be a 231 behind the aw4.

I dont have any cash but if you go to junk it i will take it i could use a spare trans. lol

or we could work out a trade.

The AW-4 is the tranmission use in Comanche’s and Cherokee’s

AW4 also came in some 93 ZJ’s and it had a 249 behind it. I’ve only seen one in person, but they’re out there.

i want the broken 231

i completely forgot about this thread XD its a np231 behind the aw4 and what you offering 98grand as a trade XD

my 93 zj aw4 has a 242 behind it for future info and have seen the others behind them as well