Artic Mission Toy Drive

When: Sunday November 21st

Meeting 1pm at 91 Fricker St in Providence.
Caravaning to Artic Section in West Warwick.

After drop off festivities TBA.

Toy Ideas: … y=CLvV4KUD

Toy Drive Flyer: … y=COvc74EH

1 - Jonnyri
2 - Stacyface
3 - Technohead
4 - Buckmaster
5 - Derekw
6 - BigRed86
7 - streetglide
9 -
9 -
10 -

Its earlier than I expected. I don’t start thinking Christmas until after Thanksgiving. But I’m sure we can pull it together. No specific plans myself except I need to squeeze in a roofing job before snow flies. . .

I have some flyers that I printed up to pass out to everyone today…

do you have the stuff for the roof yet?

Ill see if i can use the commander for this so we have more space

Attendee list started - who is in?


I’m in.

I was thinking it would be nice to bring along wives/kids (or rent some kids) so we can shoot more compelling PR footage (you know, “family-oriented” and all that stuff . . .)

I’m in not sure if my jeep will be ready by then so I may need to ride with someone. I picked up some boxes from work today if anyone nees them to leave at there work.

i’ll grab one from you. i’ll give you a call later today

Thank you :slight_smile:
count me in as well, cant believe we talking Christmas already,time is going by way too quick :unamused:

Anybody else? We’re 4 days away!

I am waiting on an axle shaft, but I will drop a toy and maybe ride along.

I’ll be there, jeep won’t, taking the truck.

So much for “toys will be picked up by our convoy of Jeeps” :laughing: I will be there.

im not sure if i can make it but i will try. i will be loading a moving truck that day :frowning:

Is anyone going to have an open seat? I kind of don’t like driving my Subaru to a Jeep event. :confused:

i’ll have an open seat

Can I meet one of you somewhere to give you my toys? I won’t be able to do the ride. maybe in johnston just off 295?


I can meet up with you somewhere tomorrow or youcan just leave it on my fromt porch … 21 Cottage St, Johnston off 44 near ‘The Little Inn’. Last house on the right of dead end street.

I’ll come by in the morning?