anybody free this weekend

Was visited by the brown Santa today
I could use some help installing it
Pays beer and burgers

I would be free monday is it front or rear?

Its the front, i was hoping to be done by monday so i can test it before i have to drive it to work on tuesday

I could help on Sunday. I don’t really know how to install one, but I learn quick! haha…

neither do i but i found a descent YouTube vid and a good write up on
Sunday should be ok, will give me time to get the tree out of the way over Friday night and Saturday and i hope it goes smoother than chris’s
my address is in the contact list viewtopic.php?f=12&t=28 7th one down on the first page

i’d like to get in on this. was planning on installing one in my rig this winter…it would be a good crash coarse

Why wait. Install one this weekend. Before Fall Crawl.

I’ll be available on Sunday. Be sure to update the thread once the plan solidifies.

just remember to take the measurments before you pu everything back in. lol I was going to be camping this weekend but it was canceled so I’ll be around to help out as well.

Problem being…I havent purchased the locker yet.

I did my front bymyself real easy maybe saturday afternoon I could help. It wont take more than an hour to install

@Jay what are you waiting for? haha… Jay wanna meet up and head over same time Sunday?

Hey Jeff shoot me a text when you are ready do to this. My number is in the contact info

im still messing with the tree in the back maybe later on, if enough people pester me than i may consider stopping the tree work to do the jeep

well, i had gotten fed up with the tree Around 5 ish on Saturday, and pulled the dif all apart, based on the video and write up i posted i got lucky cause the carrier came right out. put the ausie in later on in the night, and buttoned every thing up sunday morning.

Did you test it yet?

nope not yet, just on road driving. except for the occasional tire chirp when im turning i cant tell that its there