any help needed

guy’s if anybody needs any help

i run a small shop called S&B Kustoms
all work done by app only ( shops normally open on sat/sun only )

i will help in any way i can or at least point u in a good diretion if i cant find u the correct info you need

what the shop dose
fab work (witch is what i enjoy doing - small stuff as now ) i dont have as many fab tools as i would like but i get most of the stuff needed made
most machanical work done
gear swaps
direct engine swaps
t-case rebiulds
most suspension work
cam swaps / head gaskets
i do have scanning equipment if u have a MIL light on
any questions dont hesitate to ask

working on getting a web site to display work ive done i will add a few pics of some of the project we are working on now

me and my little shop

door panels i made

this is my truck in the center
my buddy jay’s jeep i help build and my buddy pete we did a lift in with bigdog’s help

nice space. always good to have someone that can do some work on 4wd vehicles.

You got a tube bender?

thats next on the tool list if u need something made i will buy it sooner

Yeah Buddy…Sean’s the man, with the help of Jay (BigDog) we pretty much rebuilt the cherokee you see me out there tearin up.
You can see the pic’s on my FB “Project Kika 2.0”

Oh Sean…yeah go for the tube bender…I have some idea’s!!! :smiling_imp: :laughing:


By the Way…Welcome to a real forum Sean…

got any pictures of that ranger

I need some welding done. I’m buying some frame pieces from safe t cap. The frame wich holds the skid plate. How much would u charge for that. Thanks