Another newbie

Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking to get into the offroading action when a member of this club told me about it. My name is Matt, i’m from Rehoboth MA and I drive a 1993 Wrangler YJ with 4" Lift on 31" tires. I would love to get out on the trails.


Welcome to the forum Matt


Hey Matt, ya finally made it here. thanks again for the parts…AJ

Hey yea no problem. Only took a month to get access to the forum :unamused:

Thanks everyone for the welcome

Welcome! Next trail ride is a camp- n- wheel the weekend of June 24-26. Come on out!

we have a ton of stuff going on in the next couple months. check out the calender and hopefully we’ll see you out there soon.

I hope to be out there too!

Thanks guys

Welcome to the forum, Matt. Glad you finally made it!

Welcome Matt!


We should all set up a brunch meet and greet soon? Lot of us newbies out here now!

we have the Pawsox outing on the 17th

Oh yea! I might be there I am not sure? How is the seating working? When is the latest I can tell you a yes or no? There might be something in St. Louis, MO I might be going to its some event that like 3,000 rigs show up to. One of my buddies that lives there was telling me about it and I might go out that way if anyone might be interested, it’s either the 11th, 12th, or 18th haha… He wasn’t sure on the dates, but I will let people know if they are interested. haha…

Oh on brunch I was referring to getting my fat on!! haha…


Thanks everyone for the welcome, I sent in my application

Look forward to seeing you’all on the trails :smiley:

Camp-n-wheel in NH June 24-26. Come on out.

We are also planning a PawSox game Friday June 17th.