Another FNG!?

Hey there, my name is Dennis I’m a Scorpio. I like long drives on the beach, pina coladas, and breaking stuff. :laughing: But seriously I’m pretty new to the forum and am looking forward to making it out to the next event. I drive a 2003 tan Sahara around Warwick and EG with 33" MTRs, what i think is 2.5" lift, and a few other moderate mods. I’m hoping to slap on some skid plates soon and do more than just splashing though puddles. Anyone have some skids for sale? Cheap?

Also, I need to change gears soon. I’m not a slouch with a wrench but I know enough about general auto mechanics to know I don’t know enough to mess with gears on my own. But I’d gladly supply dinner (I’m a trained chef) and brews to someone with experience with this type of project to look on and offer much needed advice. Anybody interested in sharing the technique? I’ve got tools and a garage, but no access to a press or case spreader.

I’ll get a pic of my rig up soon, but it’s late or I’m just lazy at the moment.

It’s a small state, see you out there!

welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum Dennis!

Gear setup huh . . . hmmm. Sounds like you already have a good sense of what is involved. I’ve done it a few times but that was over 25 years ago now. Most of us turn the job over to Bob at Baystate Offroad. The downside is that it runs about $500 per axle for labor.

You can get the job done without a case spreader. The absolute must-haves are a good dial indicator, torque wrench capable of going over 250 ft-lbs, and some set-up bearings (i.e. inner races honed out a bit so that they easily slide on/off while you dick around getting the pattern dialed in).

I’d be willing to help out. Either way, I would plan on this being a multi-day job if you want to get it right.

Hope to meet you at an event soon. A group of us are planning on attending the P-Bruins game on Mar 4th and then hitting a bar afterwards.

Welcome Dennis

welcome :sunglasses:

Thank for the welcome guys.

Eric I did see the P Bruins post and that looks like a pretty good time. How/who would I pay to make it happen? One of the guys in my department mentioned he’d be interested, he owns a modified TJ as well.

Just called him and confirmed. Sign us up for three tickets. (The lady wants to go as well)

Awesome! Just chime in on the other thread. We need to pull the trigger on the tickets ASAP.

welcome Dennis

i put you in for 3 tickets on the other thread

Awesome. Thanks! Someone PM a phone number or something so I can find you guys at the Civic Center next Friday.