All Thing Jeep Go Topless Day May 19th 2012

Me and my girl would like to offer are help any way we can we have ask for the day off work so let us know what u need us to do as we get we get closer to the event

thanks Jamie. we’ll def. need help pulling this event off.

Everybody who want’s to help with the event should come to the quarterly meeting on April 29th where one of the main topics will be volunteers and event logistics:


Don’t miss it!!!

I will be at the meeting and would also like to talk about or talk to who I would have to about becomeing a paying member of osj aka join the osj family

FYI … I didn’t see this event location listed on teh All Things Jeep site yesterday when i was looking there.

Jamie, the membership requirements are two events and one meeting. The intent behind this requirement is to give you a chance to meet everyone and decide if the club is right for you. For now, all you need to do is come on out and have some fun!

Bob, it will be posted on ATJ’s web site very soon.

i know im not a member yet but if you need any help let me know ill be at the meeting and gtd.

awesome Mike. we’ll def need all the help we can get.

Not going to make this one, I have a 2 week military school to go to. Always seems the military is getting in the way of this event!

Sorry but I wont be making the meeting, I’ll be moving my son to his new place but I do plan on being at Go Topless Day
Joe sr.

Not a member yet but going to meeting on 29th and topless day on the 19th can’t wait hope to be a member soon. My jeep almost done just need a few more things… hope to be able to help at the event.

welcome, we’ll see you at the meeting

the first thing everyone can do to help out is print 5 copies of the flier below and ask to put them up at a local business (gas station, liquor store, auto parts store) anywhere a good amount of people will see it. if you cant print any out i will have a bunch at the meeting so please grab a couple and spread the word. we need a real good turn out for this event. … /flier.jpg

I don’t see OSJ on the flyer?

i didnt want to clutter it up with advertisements and I want them to be put up anywhere so i was going for simplicity.

i have them up at a Shell gas station, advanced automotive, autozone and stop and shop. i’ll be stopping by a Harley repair shop, Dunkin Donuts, a liquor store and carquest on my way home from work today to see if they are willing to put a flier up as well. If they have any questions, tell them its ultimately a charity event for land preservation.

I printed out half-sheets of the color flyer so we can start tagging some jeeps too! I will have Mike bring some to the meeting on Sunday.

Thanks for everyone’s hard work today in setting up the rock garden. you all ROCK!