Hey guys I need a place to take my jeep and get it fully aligned front and rear and. Pinion angle does anybody know a good place in rhode island and what it might cost

Clare jeep is on board with our club, so maybe give them a call and see what they can do they work on pretty much any year jeep.

Anyplace you bring it will charge shop rates which can add up quick. I do all my alignments myself with tape measure and angle finder.

Toe in: 0" to 1/16"
Caster: 5 degrees
Rear pinion angle: 0 degrees between rear driveshaft and pinion

i bring mine to Firestone near the Warwick Mall. they will only adjust the toe in the front but they give you a digital read out of all the numbers so you can go home and fine tune. i’m not sure of any shops that will go through and adjust your control arms and if there was it would probably cost you some loot.