air show

whos going to the air show sunday? and who wants to meet up ahead of time?

I’ll be working on my rig all weekend. Depending on how fri and sat work out i might be able to meet up.

depending on if i can get my fucking drivers seat back in my fucking jeep. i mean, WTF, a fucking seat takes a whole FUCKING basement full of fucking tools…and i couldnt finish. not to mention i dropped the old f’in bracket on my f’in foot. who the fuck wears fucking flip flops whilst workin on their fucking jeep. WTF!
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I’d feel for you if I hadn’t just spent the last two hours grinding metal.

If your seat brackets and bolts were as bad as my donor seats then yeah they suck

that sucks hope the foots ok lol

and if anyone wants to meet just pm me…

hows it coming along… im free after 830 tonight and in between towing tomoro afternoon if you want me to stop by

If I wear anything it would be flip-flops. but I would have probably been barefoot :smiling_imp:

Hope its feeling better.

it better feel better he has a lot of work to do this weekend

I feel your pain ,been there. when ya finally put the bolts back in use some NEVER SIEZE. every bolt I take out gets some before it goes back ( except drive shaft bolts) they don"t have time to rust before I have to take em back out :mrgreen:

A little angry Jay?