About time, huh??

Thought I’d get myself in the loop :smiley: (Lindsay)

Great now ill never be able to hide from u

Mmmhmmm “hey, you should get on the forum too” :laughing:

welcome to the forum

I call false advertising!!!

Unless you are in the market for a Rubicon . . .

hey wat as soon as we lock the rear it’s basically Rubicon

:frowning: just thought it was a cute name

Awwwwww. . . .

You’re so cute!!!

:wink: I totally expected to get razzed about the name- figure in this club it’s all in good fun. One of the reasons I love it so much.

but for a Ruby-conn does that mean it also needs to be bedazzled? :confused:

and from ct?

Oooh!! Bedazzled yes (though I don’t think it’ll fly), and from Conn. no- that was the ex-wife :wink:

Nothing wrong with being bedazzled or fancy…lol

Damned skippy there’s nothing wrong with being bedazzled :slight_smile:

:confused: saw that coming…

HI Lindsay

Yeah!! With you and Sarah on here - we got some girl power!

I’m on now too! Lol when’s the next “work” day?

Not soon enough!

Woop woop!! Girl power

And it begins.

Anyways, welcome!