A little something for the JK owners...

I’ve only recently installed and started using my sway bar disconnects and I wanted to identify a good way to hold the sway bar out of the way. Conventional wisdom from TJ owners has always been to rotate it up and out of the way, but today in my research I found that’s not so great an idea.

jeepforum.com/forum/f96/how- … ost7507309

According to this, the neutral position is actually the best way to store the sway bar when disconnected. Based on some other reading, I plan to use ball bungees instead of zip ties to do this.

Just thought I’d share since I know we have a lot of new folks.

Zip tie them to the frame. Unless your discos came with something to hold the up out of the way.

That disco design is a terrible design. The one that cut a hole in the tire. If you disconnect from the axle and leave the sway bar end link attached and just swing it up and out of the way, you’ll be fine.

The point they were trying to make is that rotating the sway bar up on a JK is not necessarily the right way to go. Zip-tying it to the frame certainly is, but it’s really about what position the sway bar is in when you tighten up those zip ties. For me, I’m going to use a ball bungee instead of zip ties, but that’s personal choice.

Gotcha. Yea my discos came with a little bracket you drill into the frame to hold the links up and out of the way. it keeps the sway bar itself parallel. i have extras if you want them. Not sure how universal they are.

I leave mine connected. Mike Landon cut my bar in the center and sleeved it so I just pull one pin and don’t have to tie anything. Talk to Mike and he’ll hook you up the way he did mine. It’s worth the money

Yea that’s easier ^^ the only thing with keeping them connected (rubicon) is there is a chance of the links flipping forward and bending if they’re not the right length. So just make sure you have the correct length links. I would like to do this or even better yet, get an Anti-Rock ($$$$$$)

It works the same as if I was using my electronic disconnect

What I used to have


Yea that’s awesome. I like the idea better than the electronic. I know someone who lifted a Rubicon and because their links were too short, coming off a full droop the links rotated forward (there’s a 50/50 chance) and bent as a result. Longer links and it won’t happen. I didn’t believe him when he told me, but it seems to happen a lot based on the interwebseseses.

I took out my electronic and replaced it with one from a 2007 sport

I have tj discos remove the center and it leaves about 1 inch of stud and made a coat hanger hook to my frame. The hanger will let go before the bar so no damage done to the bar