99 XJ Rear main Seal!

Just replaced the rear main seal let it set up for a couple of days with the rtv…

Was all excited to finally take it off the jack stands and try her out with all the new additions i put into it too
but then i noticed the rear main was leaking again… Any suggestions or does someone want to give me a hand?

that sucks. i’ve def. been there. i’f i wasn’t shoulders deep in my own mods i would help out. i would just check to make sure the bolts on the oil pan are tight.

that does suck… like you, I need to replace mine again as well. I would suggest that you check the valve cover to make sure the leak isn’t coming from there first. If you do need to replace it then make sure you get the felpro brand which comes with a little plastic spreader to help keep the seal from getting damaged.

Where are you from?

from west warwick, RI…

I think i found out the problem… I didn’t torque the rear main holder to the proper torque spec…

But i will let you know when i get it back together if it leaks… got my fingers crossed… (dont want to do it again!)

The army way!