99 XJ problem

So last wednesday I redid my 3inch lift and now I’m sitting at 5inches. Within the past couple days I have been noticing on the highway I can feel something right under me banging when I’m hitting the gas. Feels like my driveshaft is rattling but I’m not 100% sure. Right now I only have a 1inch transfer case drop. Anybody have any ideas??

My guess would be your drive line is at too much of and angle. You could try to lower TC drop more or invest in an SYE. I had a TC drop at 4" of lift, and when I went up to 5.5" I changed over to a SYE. I also think that you can only use a TC drop up to so many inches before it becomes useless and the only solution is to install a SYE. I don’t know what the limit is though.

greattttt. thank you for the info!

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Like Chris said consider and sye, i guess we get a good price from Jeff at crown, also check online. What transfer case do you have?

95% sure its the np231

you can try to pull the front driveshaft and run it and see what happens then do the same for the rear. you might have tweaked it and wore out the ujoints or the centering bearing on the double cardan

put her up on 4 jackstands, start her up, put her in gear (gently) and look underneath… :smiling_imp:

Its a NP231 in yours, and when you added to your lift you dident add to the T case. Drop

solve all your problems by gettin a SYE.

Noise and vibration is part of the Jeep experience. Get used to it. :mrgreen:

I have 8" of lift with a 1" tc drop and no sye. I don’t have any driveline issues. Did you check your johnny joints for play? Mine were making awful noises took a while to figure out what it was. I replaced them with Ballistic Fab joints and the noise went away.

Oh yeah and do you have a long or short arm kit? If it’s a short arm you gotta remember your control arms are at a steeper angle and are gonna take the bumps harder. I put in control arm drop brackets and that made a world of difference.