96 xj fuel regulator

they stopped making the fuel regulator that sits on top of the fuel pump for the 96 cherokee. any idea on how to solve this problem? Or has anyone have an idea on how to get a new fuel regulator in? like a swap from a newer/older model ?

Replace the whole fuel pump assembly?

thats the thing i can’t find the whole assembly, any ideas where i could find it?

All things jeep, Or the junk yard? I know of a few posts I saw a while back on NAXJA guys were selling a gas tank with the pump.


i think my only choice is a junk yard

Crown should hAve what you need

I’m quite sure if you call Jeff at crown, he will have one. The vehicle is too new andthere are too many on the road for the part to be obsolite. I posted his number in your other thread

I have a complete plastic tank that came out of a 2000 xj ran fine im not sure if it will fit not an xj guy but heres my number 4016885865 its in johnston… text me im in New Hampshire right now my service is not the best but will be back Tuesday night