94 yj build

Hey everyone as some of you guys know I have a whole body and frame im waiting to build. But anyways in the next couple weeks ill be switching stuff over. I need some help from fellow jeepers. Taking pictures and help with the with the build would be great.

I can do evenings during the week no problem. Weekends for the rest of the summer will be a challenge.

BTW, my specialty is standing in the corner drinking beer and cracking bad jokes. . .

Where are you located?

just post up when your doing some work. i’ll swing by to lend a hand. and same as Eric, weekends are pretty much shot but i can help during the week most days.

I will keep everyone posted for the date maybe early to mid august. Im hopin to get sum paint on it before I build it. And im in north providence

BTW, my specialty is standing in the corner drinking beer and cracking bad jokes. . .
i agree :laughing:

Just don’t fall on your face again… :laughing:

Hey, hey. If I don’t remember it then it didn’t happen!

not all of your jokes are bad :laughing:

Thats true, some were realllly bad!

That’s enough from the peanut gallery. This is Gene’s thread.

Well the new jeeps still in my garage lol. I have bought a few new tnings a rc 9500 winch, late model 4.0 intake that should be goin on after work satutday. I figured ill start my build when I buy new axles. Figured ill go one tons 79 ford hp dana 60 front locked with a coperate 14bolt rear locked. And some type of 37s maybe army beadlocks and goodyear rubbers.

sounds like a fun build :smiling_imp:

Do you have a line on the front axle? They can be hard to come by.

Yea halls has a couple lol

Well friday night I did the late model intake went very well. There is a huge power curve differance. Tonight I will be ordering a 63mm throttle body and ford 19# injectors. I would post pics of the intake but I do all this on my phone.