91 YJ No Start, crank but no fuel

So the Project YJ died on the highway while on my way up to the Badlands a couple weeks ago. No previous problems. The first thing I found was that the fuel pump wasn’t priming when I turned the key. When I started to troubleshoot I found that the Dome fuse was blown. Replaced and still nothing. I swapped the relays and they all seam to work fine. If I run a jumper wire across the 87 and 30 pins at the relay, the pump runs continuously. I can turn the key and the Jeep will run.

Attached is what I have gone through so far. An suggestions?


Don’t know about a YJ , but ZJ has a built in code when you turn the start key on and off 5 times , the check engine light will flash a code

Garunteed ray would have an answer in like 2 seconds

If i could get it to him i would. Ill need to hook up with you guys soon though, my tranny leaks (5spd). It looks like it rusted through the bottom at the tranny mount.

I tried back probing pin 51 looking for a ground but i didn’t find one, just a dead end i think. I’m just hoping the comp is not messed up, but it will run if i make it.

Doesn’t that narrow down to power supply to fuel pump relay? Could be as simply as relay ground?
Thanks guy!

So I finally tracked down the issue. It ended up being a broken wire connector going to the back of the relay. I had to slide the fuse box off and open up the clam shell case. The broken wire basically jumped out at me. The wire looks to be super short from the factory and all the years of giggling around finally broke the little connector that plugs onto the relay post. I spliced in an extra 3”-4” of wire on with a new connector and it fired right up. I just had to trust the meter and roll up my sleeves to get into it a little deeper.