91-96 XJ or YJ Alternator Harness Needed

As the title says, I need an alternator harness for my build. I need everything form the connector pictured out to the alternator. This also contains the plug for the coil.

I am also looking for a piece of roofing rubber. The stuff that they use on commercial flat roofs. I just need a small piece, say 1’x1’, give or take.

Bumping to see if anyone has one lying around

the one off Gene’s XJ wont work?

nope need obd1

i would say Jeeps Unlimited is probably one of your best bets

Thus far, they have been less than helpful. I emailed a couple times, and the keep telling me they are busy and they will look for it in a few days.

ya they are tough over there. you basically have to go there. or PM Oldtowman here on the forum. he works with Ray a lot and he should be able to shake his tree to help you out. plus we are giving him a spot at this years Go Topless Day so tell him you are with OSJ.