8.8 setup

was thinking of dropping the d35 this weekend to start mocking up my 8.8, determine pinion angle, weld on brackets

anyone interested?

when are you working? i should be able to swing by for a couple hours.

forgot the details…prob sometime saturday. just have to work out a babysitter for the boy, which shouldnt be a prob. i will be doing the work at my buddy deans garage not far from where i live.

I’m planning on trying to catch up on a little sleep this Sat :unamused: :laughing: so i can swing by in the early afternoon.

ha, no such thing buddy.

no prb, drop me a line when youre done napping

I’m game.

I would enjoy watching because i plan on doing this as soon as i can and give a hand when i can will stay out of the way

Ill prob stop by is that the shop I went to with you?

should be good to go for tomorrow. although i do not have a sitter until noonish. so that should give all you drunks enough time to get your beauty sleep :astonished:

call or text if ur still interested

Planning to be there. Will be in touch.