8.8 axle shafts/ other stuff

4 sale yard fresh 8.8 rear axle ,4.10gears $140. loc right loccker 2yrs old just removed to install detroit locker $120(comes with bag of new pins & springs,plus carrier it was in ) M.O.R.E. anti wrap spring perches & shock mounts $40.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

To fund your Jeep build I hope! :smiley:

Should have at least waited until after Fall Crawl.

sold for other reason will tell ya in private., teneting it at fall crawl… jeep build piad for putting rear end back in tomorrow afternoon, then just have to repair blown front axle ujoint & ready to CRAWL. :mrgreen:


Sounds like the stuff I need for my rearend upgrade

only thing you would need is a TJ bracket setup. you’ll love the 4.10’s. plus all the cool kids are doing it.

The only thing I’m missing is CASH

Do you have the thrush washera for the old spiders? I just returned my sparton locker for and aussie and need thrush washers. My numbers 4016885865 shoot me a text if you have them and are willing to sell.

No, I had tossed all that stff when i had cleaned.

i might have the Gene