5 Trxus MT 33s

These were wheeled by the guy that I bought them from, and I have been daily driving them for about a year now. They have 8 ounces of airsoft BBs in each tire. The spare has never been driven on and is on a different style rim.

I would prefer to sell these mounted as a full set, but if someone wants the rims, and someone the tires, we can work something out.



I’ve got someone interested in the spare, so if someone is looking for just 4 we can definitely work something out.

Are these still available?

damn! good spot Breatholdiveri i’m now on the hunt for some offroad rubber. totally forgot about these

me too…

Yea there were some in CT but I was too late. I have these tires in 31" and NEED new rubber.

Sorry but they have been gone for a little while now, forgot to update the post. I think I saw another set somewhere, if I see it again I will let you guys know.

Thanks for the quick reply man, I figured it was worth asking.