5 35's with rims

i have a set of 5 tires…
they are 35" x 12.5" X 17" Copper Discoverer STT mounted on Incubus 511 Alloy (imitation bead locks) Rims 17" x 9" With 4.53" Back Spacing

i broke out the dial caliper and referenced manufacturer’s 's specs for the tires and they are on average 20%

these tires would be good to get a up 35’s cheaply for a little while, or even can be used as spares.

the rims are in good condition with some minor trail damage… they need to be cleaned up, but should shine again if you want them to.

the rims come with center caps. i also i have some solid lug nuts that i can sell if you need them.

im looking to get $300 OBO for them (that is only $60 per tire/rim…)

also on a side note i have 3 15" X 8" black steelie rims that are bent, but still hold air… you could probably straiten them out. asking $20 OBO each

i’ll take one of those steelies… actually 2 of them

awesome… just let me know when you want them, and ill go dig them out of my storage.


works for me give me a call when ever 612-2-YELOJK

How the F did you get that phone number?

OK. that is the COOLEST thing EVA!

wicked :smiling_imp:

i will prolly take the tires off u. u got any pics?

its my google voice number

thanks, lol it took me a few trys to get it… i was looking for a number with the full YELLOWJK buto well

i can… and will later today.

updated first post with pics

Ricky, i’m just going to need one of those rims. i forgot my other tire needs a 16 inch rim. i get out of work around 5 and have a couple things to do around Warwick. i can probably swing by or meet you somewhere around 5:30

these are off my jeep and ready to be taken away to their new home :laughing:

these are sold, please lock

do you still have that last steel wheel available? do you know what the backspacing is on it?

i think they are around 3.75

sorry i already sold them. please lock this topic