4.0 clicking sound

This clacking sound happens mostly while decelerating but that’s not the only time. It doesn’t happen while accelerating or a load is applied to the engine. It sounds like a deseal when it is doing it. If I hear te sound and let off the gas as little more then it goes away. Very annoying! Engine funds great besides this stupid notice. Hoping it’s not piston slap ugh.

Exhaust leak?

It is possible that it could be an exhaust leak. I will check it out this weekend. Funny thing is… It only annoys me while driving. Come home grab a beer and puff majically it is forgotten lol. Do need to figure it out though.

That’s how I used to deal with my ex! LMAO! :laughing: :laughing:


puff or poof? There is a difference . . .

Poof… The other puff! :laughing: damn autocorrect