33's or 35's

thinking about upping my tire size to 35’s. mainly to gain a bit more ground clearance. currently running 32’s and feel going to 33’s wouldnt be an appreciable increase in clearance. my question is can i mount 35’s on 8" wide wheels without popping a bead when aired down?

yes just make sure you have decent backspacing on the rims and get rid of the tcase drop.

backspacing is currently 4"
tcase drop isnt my immediate concern. its the clearance i lost with the 8.8 swap

shave and plate the 8.8 like Mike did to Jamies Jeep. the 8.8 is tough because it has a lip at the bottom that apparently gets hung up on things. I dont know how the 4"bs is going to work out with 35’s. you might need spacers to improve turning radius

oh boy sounds like the tcase is coming out again!!! :astonished:

tcase IS NOT coming out again…hopefully.

i figured 4" might be a bit tight on backspacing. i was hoping bs was 3-1/2". i would rather not use spacers if i can avoid it. i would assume they just create another weak point

i was going to try on genes tires when he swaps over next week to get a feel on fitment, but his wheels look pretty deep and would assume his bs is not more than 3-1/2" max

You will be fine. The 35s are the same width as 33s.

gene’s 35’s are 12.50. my 34’s are 10.50

its not the tire width, i was concerned about wheel width. his tires are 12.50’s but are mounted on 10 or 10-1/2" wheels which may have a different back spacing

tire width will come into play when it comes to rubbage as well

yeah, i could see them rubbing on the front leafs. not much clearance there now to begin with

Get some 22’s

i believe i only got 4’ bs and i dont rub at all dont even come close. 35-12.50 i can check to see the exact bs i have nut im pretty sure thats it

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Ok I’m going to ask the stupid question how much back space do I need. I can see my front tires are rubbing against the arm (I could think what it was called so arm will do). I am I the market for new tires and rims.

depends on the width tire you want to run but generally 3.5"

I run 37x12.5 with 8" wide wheels with 3" backspacing and they only rub a slight bit at full lock… you should be fine with 35 X12.5 and 4"backspacing

32’s sold

35’s on their way :smiling_imp: