231 t-case needed

hay guys

anybody have a spare 231 t-cas i need one for a customer they did this to there’s

also if anybody has a trany too
it needs to fit a 95 grand 4.0 4x4 auto

or if somebody want to buy the hole jeep off him
had it running in my shop runs ok
trany leaks but works slips in 2nd but still driveable
4x4 - ya right you’ve seen the pics
body has almost no rust at all - only spot of rust i noticed looking under it quick is under the drivers door if anybody want to look at it - shoot me a pm and i can set up a meating time

just putting it out there he mentioned selling it if it cost to much to fix


What color is it? I am always in the market for spare body parts.

Whats it got for axels?

the color is green
the paint is in really good shape the kid uses the clay bar on this thing like once a month
stock d30 d35’s i think - didnt look into that stuff

also it has a new exhaust manifold - battery - starter - oil sensor - and radiator

daveysjeeps.com/ i got one from them 2 weeks ago

i have the tranny and tcase out of a 93 cherokee 4.0