2019 Events

Good morning,
Would someone mind sending me a link to the 2019 event schedual? Couldn’t seem to find it.

Here it is but note that almost all of our events are limited to members only. We are accepting new members at this time so if you are interested in jointing then see the Introductions and Membership Info at the top of the forum.

2019 Events Schedule

6th Trail Ride Voluntown (Sunday)
26th Pines Playground (Saturday)

2nd NEA Meeting @ Brookridge (Saturday)
9th Quarterly Meeting (Saturday)
17th Trail Ride Gremlin Graveyard (Sunday)

3rd Trail ride Boulderville (Sunday)
17th Pick Up Run (Sunday) Sawmill?
23rd Trail Ride Chutes & Ladders (Saturday)

7th Trail ride Harris Mountain (Sunday)
27th Big River Clean Up (Saturday)

4th NEA Meeting
11th Quarterly Meeting (Saturday)
18th Go Topless Day
26th Trail Ride Sawmill (Sunday)

1st Trail Ride Pines Playground (Saturday)
9th Trail Ride Boulderville (Sunday)
28th-30th Camp and Wheel Badlands (Old Florida rd, Tunnel rd,) western mass/southern VT

4th Arnold Mills Parade
7th Trail Ride Chutes & Ladders (Sunday)
20th Trail Ride Brookridge (Saturday)
27th Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser and Cruise (Saturday)

2nd - 4th Camp & Wheel at Field and Forest
10th NEA Meeting Berlin NH (Saturday)
11th Quarterly Meeting (Sunday)

6th-8th Fall Crawl
14th GAJR
21st Pig Roast (Saturday)

5th Trail Ride Gremlin Graveyard (Saturday)
20th Trail Ride Brookridge (Sunday)
26th Wood stacking Chutes & Ladders (Saturday)

9th NEA Meeting (OSJ HOSTING) Saturday
10th Quarterly Meeting and Trail Ride(Sunday)
24th Trail Ride Turkey Run (Sunday)

8th Toy Run (Sunday)
14th Christmas party
21st Pick Up Run (TBD)

NOTE: Events highlighted in blue represent volunteer opportunities.

Thank you Eric, just wanted to see how active you guys where upon sending an application in!

We do a few events! :mrgreen:

And there are probably another ten or so wheeling opportunities added to the schedule throughout the year.

Interested in these two events.
7th Trail Ride Chutes & Ladders (Sunday)
20th Trail Ride Brookridge (Saturday)

How do I get more information on this?

Step 1 is to submit application. We have some openings so after reviewing the application you will receive a membership offer via PM (typically within a week or so)

Badlands camp and wheel says 28-30th? Monday to Wednesday. Is that correct? I thought u remembered it being the 18th to the 20th of july

This is the 2019 calendar!