2017 75th Anniversary build


Some of you know that I broke my front locker a few weeks back and have decided to make some changes. I fixed and sold the TJ Rubicon to a young guy that was looking for a fun Jeep so he would damage his JL Rubicon. I got full price and it was good. I bought a new JK 75th Anniversary edition at the beginning of 2017 and yes they were still selling them then. I decided to build this into a beast and here is my build list. I hope to have this done within the next month or so and am pretty much just depending on deliveries to be on time. so…
Build list so far:
-Built Dana 44 axles. Tubes and C’s trussed, chromolys, Teraflex HD upper and lower ball joints, Teraflex big brakes and new bushings
-Teraflex Extreme Steering with new Knuckles angles for correct geometry with over a 4" lift
-Complete PSC hydro steering assist with new big bore box, pump, reservoir, belts, brackets and hoses cut to size with fittings already attached to both ends. It even includes the hydraulic oil needed for the system.
-cat back full exhaust with mini muffler eliminating the big one at the back.
-5 37" bead locks (American Racing) with Cooper SST’s (bought used but look brand new like never driven on)
-Wiring kits for the electric lockers and fancy new switches
-4.5 Metalcloak lock n load long arm lift
-metal cloak under cloak system
-Winch plate for my bumper setup
-I haven’t purchased this yet but after many reviews I am thinking of the Apex Badlands 12000 with synthetic line

I’m sure there will be more but this is the list so far plus lots of little things that make all this work.

If anybody is interested I will be selling my front Dana 30 and rear Dana 44 stock axles. 3.73 upgraded gear pkg with tru lock rear. I will also be selling all 5 wheels and tires. I have the bronze special edition 75th anniversary wheels with 33" brand new falkner AT’s on them. I am also selling the exhaust cat back and the side steps because they will get destroyed on the rocks. If interested in any of this let me know and make me an offer. I hate giving friends prices. I will be listing it all on FB soon enough so you can wait till then if it makes you more comfortable. I have a working rear dana 44 air locker for a TJ Rubicon as well.
I will post before and afters.
I’m looking forward to a great year of wheeling and need this sucker ready to go asap so I will be working on it.

I can’t figure out how to attach a photo for the before pic. I’ll keep trying.

Needs to be compressed down 800x600 or in that size range. Then you can upload as attachment.

I still can’t get pictures to work on this forum which sucks but here is what I have done so far.

This past weekend I cleaned and welded the trusses on the front and rear axles.

Yesterday I started my tear down and pulled the tires, front bumper, front axle, front suspension, front flares and the front drive shaft off. Sanded prepped and painted all five rings with wheel paint in bronze and then clear coated. I think I did four or five coats of painting so far one coat of clear. Clean prepped and painted all four calipers with caliper paint. Cleaned and painted both axle assemblies. Not a bad first day.
Today was a fun day. I removed the rear axle assembly, rear suspension, steering gear box, reservoir, pump, lines, rear flares, and mocked up a change in the exhaust that sounds so much better. I put 2 small in-line mufflers on and it no longer sounds like a rice burner. I finished clear coating the bead lock rings and sanded and started painting the stock Rock rails. I couldn’t help myself and ordered poison spider structural tube fenders and flairs. I stored the stock axles on a pallet in the woods and covered them with a tarp. Non of my stuff showed up today as scheduled but I am not really ready for it yet. All of this while working from my office. Tomorrow I plan to clean and paint the frame and finish the rock rails. I’m also going to clean and wax the metal that was under the bushwackers. If I have time I will turn my attention to the new to me axles and get all the new electronic parts installed.