2012 Great American Jeep Rally

Wanted to let everyone know we are good to go for 2012.

Awesome, this has been a great event in the past. cant wait for this years

SWEET FLYING MONKEYS!!! Always a good time!!!
I smell a caravan!!! and im not talking JKUs!!! WOOOOOWOOOOOOO!!!
Ok, I’m done. Yes i will be going to this event. WOOOOOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! OK, OK, I’m out.
Did i say i enjoy this event??

We had a big convoy to the last GAJR and should have an even bigger one this year.

Count my “minivan” in as part of this years convoy!

Were do we meet at and time plzz.

It will get posted when we get closer to the date.

Yea, we need to survive Fall Crawl first!

Oh fall crawl!

I will be their can’t wait

Fall Crawl AND jeep rally AND everything in between :slight_smile:

Is the ride up there all highway or is it more back roads I think my jeep likes back roads better than highway


As long as i don’t have some military thing in the way I’m in

We will def be there.

I am in for this, since I won’t make fall crawl this year…

I’m in for this. Looks great!

I’m in as long as its drivable after fall crawl

Krysta and I will be back in town that weekend and CJ has hinted at letting me use the JK.

peer pressure, peer pressure, peer pressure


you guys DEF. dont want to miss GAJR