2004 Rubicon for Sale

Thought I’d start by letting other Jeepers know. Jeep is in good shape, black, soft top only, BFG AT’s with good tread, I believe about 197K mileage. No lift or other real off road mods, other than gas tank skid plate. Limited slip and lockers work great. I am buying a modified 2013 Wrangler and hate to part with my old friend, but looking forward to the new member of the family.

I know some folks out there love the '04 Rubicon and wanted to get the word out to Jeep fans.

Quick clarification - the mileage is 178k. Oops.

Price? Photos?

Yeah, sorry, this is all happening very fast. I’d love to turn around a sale this week if possible. Just had not been expecting to be selling this year, never mind this week.

Looking for $8,000.
Quick photo…

Standard or Auto

What is “auto”? Never heard of it. :slight_smile:

It is a standard, but it sold very quickly and has a new home now.