2000 Jeep Wrangler Lifted Low miles

Well guys its time for me to sell off my Wrangler. I have a baby boy due in Sept and two car seats doesnt work to well in Wranglers. Its my daily driver and I drop off my daughter to the baby sitters, and will be dropping off my son when it comes that time. I’m not done with jeeps, im either going to get a ZJ or WJ, with the V8. Here is my jeep forum ad. Let your friends know

jeepforum.com/forum/f153/200 … s-1022392/

Welcome to the dark side!!!

I’d have to say that a WJ is your best bet if you are looking for DD duties.

Why is that Eric. Just wondering

Get a WJ :smiley:

Because ZJ’s are so old now that your chances of finding one that is suitable for reliable DD duty is pretty slim. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take a ZJ over a WJ for trail duty, mainly because the gas tank does not hang so low, but if you are looking for a dual-use vehicle and reliable DD I’d go for the newest WJ you can find, especially if you can find one with the HO V8 which blows doors on even the 98 5.9 ZJ’s

So some one came by for a test drive tonight, its was like watching some one cheating with my wife, i can’t do it, im keeping the gray goose. Ill going to have to find a good 4 door vech for when its time

I hear ya. I still have my Scout from 27 years ago. I could never get rid of it.

So… is you is or is you isn’t selling the TJ? If selling stick or auto?

And Wranglers can fit 3 car seats in them stock and 5 with minor modification(littlecarseats.com) … you just need one of these fancy Grand Voyager Wranglers.

good choice Matt. i’ll buy a little 4cyl beater before i get rid on my jeep

X2 good choice… Interested in buying a Subaru? :smiley: :laughing:

so is the sale cancelled? i know someone seriously interested, my nephew Ryan.

Yeah sorry

too bad for him, but glad to see your still with us wrangler folk!