Looking at a 2000 cherokee sport. This particular one needs a freeze plug and radiator. So beside making sure there are no cracks in block from freezing. Are there any model specific things I should look out for. Known rot spots, part wear, engine issues (4.0 L6)?

Any info will be helpful.

If someone local (Cumberland area) would be willing to look at this with me that would be ideal.

When u going to look at it i know xj pretty well im in blackstone…fyi iv seen a lot of 4.0 lose frez plugs

check carefully to see if they let the engine overheat even once… There are some signs such as a burnt smell/color in the coolant and evidence around the engine… hard to explain but the engine and compartment will have a weird “burnt” coloring to it. The heads on the 4.0 like to warp and crack if overheated…

Im from lincoln and I could take a look for you

Hoping to check it out tomorrow.
I’ll repost when I lock down a time.

Check rocker panels for rot.

Especially on that model year. I believe that model year carries the 0331 casting head, which is especially prone to cracking.

are you looking at it to replace the tj?

no, one of my sons wants it.