1st Annual OSJ Pig Roast 9-29-2012

Join us for our first Pig Roast. Please help the cause by spreading the word. If anyone would like tickets please contact Chris (Bigred86) or myself.

id like to help out let me know what i can do …

you should have access to the forum section now

Sell some tickets!!!

ya we will need everyone’s help selling tickets. we have a little over a month to sell at least 100 tickets! share with your friends and co workers we also have this as a facebook event so make sure to send an invite to everyone on your friends list.

facebook.com/events/4742098 … tif_t=like

All readdy trying to sell some. shared on fb also

A group of us visited the venue tonight. All I can say is that this is going to be EPIC!!! Anybody who does not show up to this event will be kicking themselves. The pig roast is only the opening act. Bring a tent and stick around for what happens after. :mrgreen:

Now lets start selling tickets!!

We can camp out that night?

Yes, but space is limited. Also, we should try to comp the property owner $20 per tent.

I’ll be there, don’t know if i’ll be able to camp

I’m considering camping out. Anyone else?

i’d like to. we’ll see what happens when the day comes.

Definitely camping.

Yes, we will probably be camping with the dog. We might even head up on Friday night, but Mike has to work, so it would be just me and the dog on Friday. We are leaving that Sunday for North Conway for the week.

If I end up going alone, I might come up and join you - or at least come hang out for a bit. Otherwise I will see you on Saturday.

Is there anything I can help with in regards to the Pig Roast - I don’t really cook…lol

I am camping Friday night (cooking pig) and Saturday Night (Drinking a lot) :mrgreen:

I am camping Friday night (supervising cooking of pig) and Saturday Night ( Drinking a lot and supervising the one more one more situations) :laughing:

And I will be there with my camera . . . . waiting for that perfect opportunity . . . .

Again? didn’t you get everything you needed at the last camp and wheel :unamused: :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: