1st Annual Clam Boil: June 9th

Ocean State Jeepsters will be hosting their 1st Annual Clam Boil on Saturday June 9th 2012 from 12:00-6:00 at the picturesque Seaconnet Sportsmans Club at 145 Sakonnet Dr. in Portsmouth, RI. This event is open to the public and space is limited so be sure to get your tickets early.

Seaconnet Sportsmans Club

This is going to be a good one!!

Need any help

always :laughing:

You are now part of the planning committee.

No just offering my labor.

I second that motion :laughing:

They are one and the same.

help on any level will be appreciated. certainly on day of boil we are going to need the man power of many members to help make this happen. we will prob have to call a meeting of some type prior to the event to establish/delegate responsibilities.

OK. I call stand around and drink beer!

OK, selling raffle tickets is yours :laughing:

i’m with Erek then! Helping by holding up the product we are trying to sell! hahaha

Assuming its OK to cross post, were people get tickets and how much are they?

i updated the first post with a flier that has more info

That makes more sense now :laughing:

Your now the official chowah assistant,

I’m in, tickets are baught and payed for and I got the day off from work. :slight_smile:

cross posting:

just a reminder, the clam boil is june 9 and just around the corner. if you plan to attend and know others who may wish to join you, there is limited space and tickets should be purchased prior to the event


I need two, I think Jay has them for me.

The first post has been updated with a list of who’s coming.

Post up if you will be there. NO MAYBE’S ALLOWED. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Contact Jay, Derick, Jeff, or myself for tickets.