1998 Fuel tank skid plate needed

I am looking for a 2003-2006 fuel tank skid plate for my 98. Mine is rotted badly and was damaged during the last trail ride… The 2003 - 2006 version is suppose to be stronger…

Glenn if you cant find a used one talk to Scott Carins he can fab you one up

i would recommend just spending the money and getting a 1/4" skid. you will be dragging the back end of that jeep over everything, trust me i know. and every time i do i dont worry about it one bit.

What derrick said. It took me months scouring craigslist and local jeep forums to find a used gas tank skid. I would of been better off just buying one new, but I’m cheap :laughing:

If somebody has a specific design in mind then we could easily build one when we do the RTI ramp.

I have my stock one off my 05. It was strong enough for what I do. Also it doesn’t have the missing corner thing that the old skids had

Are you looking to sell it?

If I do not find a used one at a good price then I will buy one… Trying to not spend $250 - $350 on a skid plate when I need to do other repairs if I do not have to…

Idk what they go for lol $40 sound good?

Sounds good to me… I will send you a PM