1997 ZJ V8 Problem

I have a friend in the national guard who has a 1997 ZJ V8. I guess he said he ran it threw a puddle. Went home and the next day it didn’t start, cranks but doesn’t start. None of his gauges work either. Thanks


I had a similar problem with mine. Have him check all of the fuses in the distribution box under the hood. I had the one that controls the ecm, gauge cluster, and a few other things blow. It ended up being a shorted out ecm that was causing the problem. The fix was replace the ecm with one from a bone yard. I think it was either a 10 or 15 amp fuse.

mine just did the same thing as well. i got wter/mud in the connections to the ecm. try unplugging cleaning the plugs and putting dielectric grease on there and plugging it back in