1996 cherokee

this was my son’s xj, and it was overheated and will probably need a head gasket job. Has new crown heavy duty steering, new track bar, new axle u-joints, new converter and muffler and tailpipe, new shackles and bushings, nice stereo w/ipod hook up, new complete tune-up( not that it matters now i guess) and just passed inspection in RI. It has 128,000 miles and the usual cherokee rust/rot. $750

Wow, I’ve owned demo derby vehicles longer than this!

I’m not sure why you say that, he had it for 2 years.

prolly thinking of the xj u just bought


Sounds like a good deal for you Jon. Swap engine & lift from old blue and viola, trail rig with straight frame.

yes, we replaced this with a 99 limited.