1992 Cherokee for sale. lift, tires, winch

Most of you know this Jeep, It’s my 1992 trail rig. Been meaning to sell it for a while but needed to get some stuff done. I figured I would skip doing the stuff and lower the price.

It has a 4.5" Rough Country Lift
33" Mud Terrain tires with American Racing rims, have full spare
Nates 4x4 front winch bumper
Chicago Electric 8,000 lb winch.
Cobra CB with firestik 2 antenna
Optima blue-top battery

It needs a few things. First it needs an inspection. In order to get an inspection it needs a new winshield.
The wipers also do not work. They mysteriously stopped working one day while driving back from a ride. I replaced the 5A breaker in the fuse box but that wasnt it. Haven’t looked at it since.
Only other thing it could use is a speedo cable. I just my GPS for MPH.

Overall the Jeep runs great and has a strong motor. I’m just ready to sell it since it just sits in my parking lot and I only drive it once in a while.

Asking $1800

pics to come later

Any interest in selling the front bumper plus ill give my bumper with the cash?

I’m interested if the body is solid. I’ll wait for pics.

Body is in great shape. I kinda hacked the front fenders to make room for the tires, but nothing you couldnt fix. It would just be a cosmetic thing. There is minimal rot on the rockers. Just a tiny spot on the rear drivers side last time I checked. I’m off of work all wee as well if you wanna come down and look at it bob. I live right near the coventry walmart.

Here is an action shot. I’ll take reg shots of it tomorrow when it’s dry

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Here she is all cleaned up.

wait a minute… I see sunshine in those picutres! Are you in North Carolina already??? :laughing:

lol no. found some pics on my HDD of it.

Jeep is not for sale. decided to part the wheeling items out and use for a daily driver.