18 JL sport lockers

Any opinions on lockers for my JLU sport?
I was thinking ABR air lockers. Any cheaper suggestions?
This is a daily driver (approx 25K miles a year)

ARB is probably your best bet for a daily driver. Yukon Zip locker is similar. OX also makes selectable lockers. All are similar price. The key to reliability is proper installation. Ricky at Barrette Fabrication installs lots of lockers.

You should first read up on pros and cons of selectable versus “lunchbox”.

Once you are convinced of the function and features of both, decide on the basic style and then call your favorite shop for a consult on the installed pricing and options.

There is a lot to say about the price versus features of products like Aussie, ARB, OX etc. A good shop (like Barrette) can usually serve as a one-stop consult if you can book a time to get some indepth education on what is out there.

Lockers can be a touchy subject if you ask “what is the best” to 10 different Jeepers. The bottom line:

  1. proper installation is the most important factor… don’t cheap out
  2. the locker is only “best” at what you want it to do (or not do) in your application so be honest about your plans today and in the future of your Jeep when you discuss your application.
  3. warranty/driveability/strength/reliability/maintenance/features are all balanced between many good products that are totally different. Make sure you understand the balances before writing a check
  4. Cody (Barrette Fab) will try to convince you that you don’t need selectable lockers. Listen to him. Based on points 1-3, he may very well be right. The most expensive option is not always the right one.

As a write this I realize points 1-3 are pretty much the best practice for any Jeep mod that isn’t cosmetic…

Good luck and post up once you are ready to pull the trigger. You may find more comments challenging your choice and reasons than you will to a general “what should I do” type post since noone really knows what factors are most important to you yet.

JJ makes some great points here. One other thing to add - research limited slip diffs, what they do, and how they work off road. Also be sure and learn the difference between electronic and mechanical LSDs. Sometimes, depending on what you want to do with your rig, an LSD is the right way to go.

Thanks all!!
Looks like I need to set up an appt with cody for an education on lockers then decide.

This would make a good Jeeping 201 session at one of our events