1310 flange for 8.8

does anyone know if you can get this at a nearby store or do you have to order it? i neeed it for big river so im trying to find one asap? if not ill have to order one today

Shoot a pm to Paul (90yj) I think he knows a place in the new Bedford area

The place is in acushnet Ma. They got em right on the shelf! I think he gets $27.00 for them. I can pick one up for you today if you want. Gonna be on my bike all day, so you’ll have to call me and let me know. My cell# is 774-451-6691

Jeff at Crown Automotive in Canton, MA should have them as well. If you go that route, tell him your with OSJ.

thanks for the help everyone and the quick responses…

i actually work up in Foxboro and will be swinging by Crown today to talk with Jeff. i can pick one up for you if there price is right and can meet you somewhere in Warwick when i head home at 5.

paul got me one gonna met him after thanks tho. if i need another i know were to go now lol

Cockcroft in East Providence should also have Spicer flanges on the shelf.

thanks eric. ill check em out