10th Annual Toy Run & Food Drive - Sunday Dec 8th, 2019

Please join Ocean State Jeepsters on Dec 8th, 2019 for our 10th Annual Holiday Toy Run & Food Drive. This event will feature a day long trail ride at a private property located on the RI/MA border. Participants are asked to donate a new unwrapped toy and non-perishable food item which will benefit local charities

Space is limited to 50 vehicles and all drivers must preregister for this event using event page. Trail options range from stock to well-built. All vehicles must be equipped with frame-mounted front/rear recovery points and will be presorted into groups based on specifications supplied during registration. Due to the narrow winding nature of these trails we do not recommend full-size vehicles or pickup trucks.

Member volunteers are needed to help staff this event including setup, staging, spotting, recovery, and food/toy delivery.

Thanks for looking and we hope to see many of you at this event.

Facebook Event

Register Here

We are in and paid!

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You will probably get refunded. Wepay is fawked. We probably need to move to a new ticketing platform.

Why don’t we use ezregister.com/ which is used by F&F and I think the NEA as well

I just tried paying and it kicked me as well… I’ll volunteer to help with whatever needed.

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I’ll be there to set up, collect, & help on the trails.

Ugg. Was hoping it was fixed.

Just got refunded from Wepay

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I think everybody did.

Wepay got bought out by Chase bank and started pulling their heavy-handed big company bs. And you can’t even get a phone # to talk with somebody. Just e-mails that never get answered.

[size=150]Registration has been reopened using a new registration platform.[/size]

Done and re registered

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I’ll help where ever needed, especially setup and staging.

Probably won’t hit the trails. Would I still need to register? I don’t recall registering last year.

Registration is only required for vehicles entering trail system. All proceeds from registration go to the property owner.

Mike and I will be there to help at the entry/tables.

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Bump for wheeling.

I can help out with whatever needed. Sunday good day for me.

I am not going to off road because I cannot afford damage right now.

Deb N

Carol and I just signed up and will volunteer where needed :smiley: :smiley:

We can lead or gun …green and or blue trails.

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All signed up ready to run

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Signed in. We can help out where we can.