100,000 BTU (LP) Unit Heater

Got two of these from a Natural Gas conversion job we did back in the spring. The Unit was working fine when we took it out of service and has been hanging around my garage taking up space since. NOTE: Sterling no longer makes a Natural gas conversion kit for this heater so it will have to be run on LP. This unit will easily heat a 2 - 3 stall garage.

Sterling Unit heater Model CF-100
Input 100,000 BTU Output 80,000 BTU
Fuel - LP
Will require TypeB vent (roof), and a 120v power source.
Dimensions Height 31", Width 18", Depth 33" (Requires 6" of ceiling clearance)

Asking $100.00 / obo

I have the other unit in my garage and with 9’-6" ceilings I have 6’-3" of clearance under the heater.

The first pic is the setup I have in my garage.

oooohhhhh, if it’s still around next week i’ll take it. i just need to be sure i have a garage to put it in. i’ll find out on tuesday. i was going to go with a wood stove this seems like a better idea.

what do you do for side work? HVAC? i thought you said you did electrical? jack of all trades

HA! sidework, 30 - 50 hours a week!. Licensed plumber, work for a plumbing contractor during the day. The electrician that works for the company recently found out he has cancer so I’ve been taking up the slack wiring all the boiler installs.

It’s been in my garage for months, so another week or so won’t matter. I’ll hold it for you till you find out. Just an FYI, you’ll need a good size LP tank to run this so your not constantly filling the thing. When my boss had LP in his garage he had a 200lb tank and it usually lasted him most of the year.

Yeah thats a good little unit. Like brian said after you pipe it up you call a propane company they do a pressure test on your pipeing, drop ya a tank & away you go. I got a LP spaceheater in my workshop, works great. I only turn it on when I am working in there so I only use a tank a year.

These definitely work well. I have a 2 stall garage and this unit (which is actually a bit over sized) will raise the temp from 40 to 65 degrees in about 4 minutes. The nice part about running these on LP is they run a bit more efficient. You get more Therms per unit of gas over Natural gas.

oh, this might be way too much for me. i will only have a 1 bay, deep garage so this is way overkill.

Still available?

No sorry, sold it a while back.

Figured. Np