06' Wrangler Exhaust

so just my luck i start the truck up today and the check engine light is on. so i went to have it read and of course, seeing as how my inspection is up by the end of this month the read out HAD to be for the exhaust. catalytic converter needs to be repalced. anybody have any suggestions? the direct fit unit for my jeep is around $700…

4wd.com/Jeep-Engine-Performa … M%2fF93649

you know anybody that works at a parts store? they can probably do better on the price than that. just looked on line ROCK AUTO $347 .

Hey u can try disconnect the battery and put it back on then drive it for 15 miles and it should pass but running it more then 20 miles the light will come back on worth a try

Is it the mini cats in the y pipe or the main one near the trans?
I’ll look for my receipt for the y pipe with mini’s, it was the cheapest i found

Try talking to Pipe Dreams down in Warwick. I do some business with them and have always been extremely happy. 615-2838. Tell them one of the guys from Pep Boys Providence sent you

i’m wondering if its only the O2 sensor? i have a 12pg. print out from Autozone that says i need a new cat but it just happened when i went through a mud hole this weekend.

i found a full setup pretty cheap at rockauto.com. i’d like to order it tomorrow unless anyone has any other inspectable options.

I find it hard that the scan can break it down that far, but again there are a total of 3 cats on the I6 TJ, If that price on 4wdh is for all 3 as the pic shows & stainless i would definitely grab it, if its the larger bottom one I would grab Random Technology SuperStainless 49 State Catalytic Converter
quadratec.com/products/17611_0015_07.htm, When my mini cats in the y pipe went i got these exactly
jeep-car-parts.macautoparts.net/ … tInfo.aspx
Also pm sent

I’d suspect the downstream O2 sensor. My experience has been that aftermarket O2 sensors don’t live too long.

its still the original O2 on the original exhaust system that has about 98K on it. I’ll bring it to another place and see what they have to say. maybe they can tell me which cat it is.

x2 16 years old is not bad for an O2 sensor! Even if you have to replace the cat, this should be replaced.

IIRC, there is no sensor on the Cat itself, so the code the Jeep is throwing is based on the readings of the downstram O2 sensor. I’m not sure how or if the OBDII can differentiate between the two.

it has 3 O2 sensors. 1 above each upper cat and a third where the 2 upper cats come together so it doesn’t even read anything around the 3rd cat. so that can only mean one of the upper cats is bad

Or it can mean none of the cats is bad and a sensor is bad.

They should put a sensor on the sensor so you can tell when the sensor is bad.

yo dawg, i heard you like sensors so we put sensors on your sensors so you can sense when your sensor is bad